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Mind Hacking (Live Training)

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About Course

Embark on a transformational journey with the Hacking Club’s unprecedented “Mind Hacking” course, taught by the esteemed cybersecurity expert Surya Pratap Singh. This groundbreaking 6-month live training course interweaves the formidable techniques of ethical hacking with profound psychological insights, forming a unique synthesis to unlock the limitless power of the human mind.

This course offers an unparalleled opportunity to delve deep into the mechanics of your consciousness, exploring both your subconscious and conscious mind. Discover the mesmerizing influence of colors, the potency of political handshakes and power gestures, and the mind-bending realm of the Meta Model.

In this highly immersive and interactive course, you’ll learn to leverage suggestibility and presuppositions, reprogram your brain using Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), and understand the magical effect of repetition. You’ll be introduced to techniques like Anchoring, Framing, and Havening, and learn how to manipulate brain waves and practice mirroring. You’ll also explore advanced concepts like the Akashic Records and the powerful impact of thoughts.

This course is more than just learning; it’s about transforming. You’ll master the art of detecting lies, acquire skills to gain confidence and charm, learn the intricacies of seduction, and know how to develop strong relationships. You’ll learn how to inspire and captivate people with your communication, and make new friends with ease. By embracing the course teachings, you can eradicate old habits and unwanted feelings, inject creativity into your life, and learn the secrets of innovation.

Harness the power to change your destiny with the paradigms you’ll learn in this course. The tools and knowledge you’ll acquire will empower you to lead a more fulfilling, successful life. Are you ready to unlock the superpower of the most complicated machine on this planet, the human mind? Enroll in the Mind Hacking course today!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Subconscious & Conscious Mind
  • Impact of Colors
  • Political Handshake & Power Gestures
  • The Meta Model
  • Suggestibility & Presuppositions
  • Change your Destiny with Paradigm
  • Dowsing to Find Things
  • Brain Programming (NLP)
  • Magical Effect of Repetition
  • Anchoring & Framing
  • Havening Technique
  • Brain Waves & Mirroring
  • Power of Thoughts
  • Tap Into The Akashic Records

Course Content

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Student Ratings & Reviews

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Amit pal
5 months ago
This institute is very good. And I got lot of knowledge from here.
Dhruv Singh
5 months ago
This cource helps you to improve analyzing, imagining and reprogramming to help break down barriers preventing you from reaching your highest potential
Biresh kumar
5 months ago
mind hacking course help out how people think and your know that type of knowledge very usefull.
Ravi Kumar
10 months ago
This course taught me a variety of techniques for improving my cognitive function, focus, and productivity. I also learned how to better manage my emotions and stress levels. This course was based on scientific research. The instructor "Surya Sir" provided us with a lot of evidence to support the techniques he was teaching us.
Himanshu Kathuria
10 months ago
I really learned lots of new things from mind hacking course which I don't even know that these things also exists and the way of teaching of Surya sir and explaining the things practically was really appreciable, Also this course will help us in our professional and personal life.
Rishabh Dev
10 months ago
Its All ABOUT MIND! and here sir did a fascinating task by embarking about the HOW HUMAN Mind works!
Anmol Garg
11 months ago
I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning more about how the mind works and how to use that knowledge to influence others. The course has given me a new perspective on the world and it has helped me to become a more effective communicator.
11 months ago
I recently completed the Mind Hacking course at Hacking Club and I was very impressed with the content and the teaching style. The course covered a wide range of topics, from the basics of psychology to more advanced topics like persuasion and influence. The instructor, Surya Sir, was very knowledgeable and engaging, and he did a great job of making the material easy to understand
11 months ago
mind hacking course was very interesting course because new new interested thinks in this course.
Avinash Patwal
11 months ago
This institute is great for learning bcz the way of teaching is great.
Chhavi Sharma
11 months ago
This institute is very good. And I got a lot of knowledge from here.
11 months ago
Hacking club is one of the great place to learn. You can visit this institute and acquire a knowledge of best mentor. Also, study culture and way of teaching is amazing. I loved the way of teaching of surya sir.
Divyanshu Tiwari
11 months ago
This course provides an unparalleled educational experience that seamlessly blends profound knowledge, immersive hands-on practice, and expert guidance.

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