Hacking Club Institute

In the heart of Noida’s posh Sector 18 stands the prestigious Hacking Club®️ headquarters, a testament to dedication, hard work, and the sheer will to elevate cybersecurity standards across Bharat.


Our Inception

It was 2017. A young computer science student at MIT College in Moradabad, Surya Pratap Singh, had a vision. Fueled by an insatiable curiosity and passion ignited by an article about Ankit Fadia, he started a blog dedicated to hacking and technology tutorials. This was no ordinary student endeavor; this was the birth of a cybersecurity revolution. With empty pockets but a treasure trove of knowledge and conviction, Surya embarked on a journey that would soon transform the landscape of ethical hacking in Bharat.

Fast forward to today, Hacking Club stands tall as an organization that offers best-in-class courses in ethical hacking, mind hacking, psychology, and cybersecurity. From live trainings for budding enthusiasts to corporate cybersecurity solutions, Hacking Club is where innovation meets application.


Our Mission

At Hacking Club, our mission is crystalline clear. We strive to impart world-class, unparalleled education in ethical hacking and cybersecurity to the youth of Bharat. But we don’t stop at just imparting knowledge. We’re building an army – a cyber army. An army poised to make Bharat and the world a safer place, one hack at a time.


Connected by Purpose

Our strength lies in unity. An intricate web of the industry’s top ethical hackers and reputed personalities converge here. We’re more than just an institute; we’re a community connected by a shared purpose – to make the digital realm secure.


The Brain Behind the Club

Our guiding star, Surya Pratap Singh, now the Director of Hacking Club Institute and CEO of Aezowie Infotech Services Private Limited, has been the driving force behind our growth. Under his stewardship, Aezowie has set industry benchmarks, offering unparalleled IT solutions and even securing the official Startup India website, an initiative by the Indian government. His relentless focus on fostering young talent and his commitment to community upliftment embodies the spirit of Hacking Club.


Our Commitment

We believe in a future where Bharat is not just a consumer but a significant contributor to global cybersecurity standards. Through our courses, we are nurturing a generation that’s prepared, aware, and resilient. For us, each student is a beacon of hope, a future warrior in the fight against cyber threats.

Hacking Club is more than an organization; it’s a movement. A movement that began from a single room in Moradabad and has now become a beacon of hope and excellence in Noida.

Join us in our journey towards a safer, more secure digital Bharat.