Mind Hacking & Reprogramming Live Training


Course Content

1.Subconscious & Conscious Mind

2.Impact of Colors

3.Political Handshake & Power Gestures

4.The Meta Model

5.Suggestibility & Presuppositions

6.Change your Destiny with Paradigm

7.Dowsing to Find Things

8.Brain Programming (NLP)

9.Magical Effect of Repetition

10.Anchoring & Framing

11.Havening Technique

12.Brain Waves & Mirroring

13.Power of Thoughts

14.Tap Into The Akashic Records


What You Will Learn

⫸ How to tell when someone is lying

⫸ How to gain confidence

⫸ How to seduce someone

⫸ Reprogram your brain

⫸ Remove old habits & unwanted feelings

⫸ Develop strong relationships

⫸ How to hypnotize someone

⫸ Become an inspirational communicator

⫸ How to make someone like you

⫸ Master your thinking

⫸ How to make new friends

⫸ How to become more creative

⫸ How to be successful in life

⫸ Know the secret of innovation