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Professional Graphic Design Live Training



Course Content Outline

1.What is Graphic Design?

2.Learning the Principles of Design

3.Wacom Graphic Tablet Basics

4.Basic Intro to Autodesk Sketchbook

  • Understanding User Interface
  • Selection Tools
  • Zoom Rotate and Move The Canvas
  • The Type Tool
  • The Crop Tool
  • Understanding Brushes
  • Steady Stroke and Draw Style
  • The Ruler Tool
  • The Ellipse Tool
  • The Symmetry Tool
  • The Color Editor
  • How Layers work
  • Layer Settings

5.Logo Design and an Intro to Flash

6.Interface Fundamentals

7.Drawing in Flash

8.Getting Creative in Adobe Flash

9.Symbols, Instances, and the Library

10.Applying Color

11.Moving & Zooming a Project

12.Working with Text

13.Drawing Tools

14.Tracing Tips and Tricks

15.Character Designing

16.Exporting Project

17.Applying Masks

18.Applying Transparency

19.Working with Shades

20.Applying and Understanding Filters

21.Designing Interface Elements

22.Photo-manipulation in Photoshop

  • Understanding Photoshop Interface
  • Layer Panel and it’s Settings
  • The Magic Wand and Object Selection Tools
  • Improving Edge Selections with Refine Edge Tools
  • Selecting a Specific Color
  • Remove Objects with Content Aware Fill
  • Adjusting Colors and Brightness
  • Cropping and Adjusting Photo Aspect Ratio
  • How to Add Text to Your Projects
  • Using Filters to Add Style to Your Photos

23.Pro Tips and Tricks

24.Future Opportunities and Scope


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